Our Approach

Our Approach

Simply put - we're scrappy and we enjoy the hustle.

What makes us successful? We observe. We learn from your behaviors and actions and use those opportunities to emulate your brand voice, organize processes, and increase efficiency for your business.

Our Story

We Value...

Being as humble as we are helpful.

Having integrity of word and action.

Empowering business owners to take back their passion.


Meet the Geeks

We're hard-working humans, just like you.


Amber Merideth

Owner & Head Geek

Serial enthusiast. Relentless learner. Passionate about right angles and neon green sharpies.


Candy Whiting

Super Geek

The Glue. Wizard of all, Master of most. Passionate about service, people, and the squishy space where they collide.

Next Steps...

Have your people call our people. We'll get you out from all the tedium and back to the business of YOUR business in no time. Pinkie swear.